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Chilean Animation

About Us

What is ChileanAnimation?

ChileanAnimation is the international brand created in 2017 by Animachi, the Chilean Association of Professionals and Animation Companies.

ChileanAnimation embraces and helps spread all Chilean animated creations and seeks to position the Chilean industry internationally as a unique, powerful, and healthy one, both as premium animation service provider and as a content creation force, traits that have allowed it to earn a well-founded international recognition.

This non-for-profit endeavor is a node for the most diverse projects, ideas, festivals, studios, and people to congregate and be channeled to the rest of the world to generate more and better productions.

In these 6 years of existence, we have organized the Chilean delegations to MIFA, Kidscreen, MipCOM Jr., and Pixelatl, among other major markets, we hope to reach many more soon.

ChileanAnimation channels the effervescence of our growing creative industry, to turn it into a source of sustainable development for our country, connecting artistic work with technological development and the orange economy.

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