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Opinion column by Pato Escala of Punkrobot Studio

“I find it hard to believe that we would have achieved today’s recognitions without the artists who previously opened so many doors and I want to believe that, tomorrow, new generations will manage to surprise us again as the Bestia team does now” says, to La Tercera, the Executive Producer winner of the first Oscar award for Chilean cinema in 2016.
Pato Escala, executive producer of Punkrobot Studio and academic at UDLA, writes an opinion column for La Tercera, a few days after the nomination of Bestia for the Oscars.
In it, the producer recalls the day he won the Academy Award, applauds the work done in Bestia and highlights the importance of the pioneers of Chilean animation for new and future generations.
He also refers to the role of the State in training and creative production, and the contribution of the private sector in supporting cultural initiatives.
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