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Interview with the producer of Bestia.

“I had a role that I really like to validate, and that is the energetic push. Pushing projects, that’s my forte,” says Cecilia Toro in the COOLT article. 

In an interview with the Spanish-language digital media COOLT, Cecilia Toro, founder of Plastivida studio and producer of Bestia, told unpublished details about the making of the short film inspired by the life of Ingrid Olderöck. Five years of work full of stories and anecdotes about the film, in which in addition to producing, she also participated as textile designer and even as official motivator of the team.

The interview, conducted by Javiera Tapia, explores the production of the stop motion animated short film, from the choice of materials, the design and construction of characters and scenery, to the day-to-day work with the team and the relevance and importance of the story told.
To read the full interview click here.

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